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Rugs of great originality

Henzel Studio Signature Collection

The organic and artistic process of Calle Henzel has been the driving force in the development of Henzel Studio's designs. He has over the years in an uncompromised fashion challenged the traditional conventions of subject matter, shape, finishings and special treatments as a result of painstaking research that includes vintage treatments , intricate surface compositions and even natural erosion - methodologies that further blur the distinction between art and design.

Henzel Studio Collaborations Vol.1

In May 2014, Henzel Studio launched Henzel Studio Collaborations, an unprecedented and ongoing collection of art rugs designed in collaboration with some of the most prominent contemporary artists of our time.

Henzel Studio has, along with Calle Henzel's body of work, established itself as the leading brand for contemporary fine art rugs worldwide.

Henzel Studio Collaborations Vol.2

2015 marks the debut of the second installment of Henzel Studio Collaborations, Volume 2, and Henzel Studio Heritage, a collection of art rugs designed in close collaboration with foundations of some of the most influential artists of the 20th century.

Henzel Studio Kollektionen im Überblick

  • Diamond Dust

  • Diamond Earth

  • Frozen Cut

  • Nordic Raw

  • Abstract Action

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